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Kurdistan Parliament elects chairs of four new committees

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami on 20th November chaired the elections of the chairs, vice-chairs and rapporteurs (the bureaux) of four newly formed committees, and elections to rearrange the bureaux of seven existing committees.

Speaker Faiq chairs meeting on Bill on Protection of Local Products

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq on 20 November chaired a consultative meeting with the KRG Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources and the Minister of Trade and Industry on the Bill on Protection of Local Products in the Kurdistan Region.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami: Our Parliament wants strong ties with world’s parliaments

Kurdistan Parliament’s Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami on 19 November participated in a two-day conference by the American University of Kurdistan-Dohuk on Peace and Security in the Middle East.

Committees' recent meetings - 20 November 2019

The Social Affairs committee is following up on workers' rights and conditions, and cases of prisoners held without charge or trial. The Integrity Committee is looking into demands from two public universities, and continues to pursue the problems with household water meters. 

Parliament to get Government's view on Bill on Patients' Rights and Duties

Parliament's health and legislative committees will ask the Kurdistan Regional Government to give its opinions on the Bill on Patients' Rights and Duties. 

Committees’ recent meetings – 18 November 2019

The Culture Committee meet the Head of the Kurdistan Board of Audit to look into the spending of the special budget for Erbil as the 2014 capital of culture. The Education Committee visited the supervisory unit for Syriac language Education in Duhok to help resolve their problems. The Martyrs Affairs Committee met with lawyers of former political prisoners who call on the government to grant them their privileges as provided by law.  

Deputy Speaker Hawrami chairs workshop on Kurdish Diaspora Bill

The Kurdistan Parliament’s Relations and Kurdish Diaspora Committee on 17 November organized a workshop chaired by Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami to brainstorm on a Kurdish Diaspora bill.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami welcomes India’s Consul General Chandramouli Kumar

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami on 14 November welcomed India’s Consul General Chandramouli Kumar and his colleagues. Mr. Kumar briefed Mr. Hawrami on the forthcoming celebrations for India’s 70th Constitution Day. They also discussed the plans to draft a Kurdistan Constitution, and strengthening inter-parliamentary relations.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami meets with Netherlands Consul General Willem Cosijn

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami on 14 November welcomed the Netherlands’ Consul General Willem Cosijn and his colleagues. They discussed the Parliament’s and KRG’s priority of carrying out reforms in many areas, including reform of the Peshmerga. They also discussed Holland’s support for strengthening Kurdistan’s agricultural sector, and developing relations with the Dutch Parliament.

Committees’ recent meetings – 14 November 2019

A committee held a press conference on Parliament's successful court case against the violations in the amended Iraq Provincial Elections Law. The Culture Committee ran a special workshop on the Bill on Commercial Advertising. The Agriculture Committee discussed the need to formalise the status of agricultural employees. The Peshmerga Committee looked into the killing of two Peshmerga soldiers.