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Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq chairs meeting with civil society activists calling for the budget bill

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq on 17 April 2023 chaired a consultative meeting with NGOs, unions and civil society who are calling for the KRG to present a budget bill.

Committees' recent work and meetings - 1 March to 10 April 2023

Committees met with several diplomats and looked into residential prepaid electricity, red tape on industry, buildings' earthquake resistance, and commemorated the anniversary of the Halabja chemical attack and the Anfal and Fayli Kurdish genocides.  

Parliament Genocide Committee's statement on 35th anniversary of the Anfal Genocide of the Kurds

This crime that is a stain on humanity’s conscience was recognized as a genocide by the Iraqi Supreme Criminal Court in 2008. We call on the Iraqi Federal Government to compensate the victims and rebuild their areas, and we also call on the KRG to pay full attention to the affected areas and help alleviate the survivors' suffering.

Parliament's Religious Affairs Committee wishes Christians in Kurdistan a Happy Easter

We wish Christians, who are an indigenous community in Kurdistan since antiquity and have always been a force for peace here, a happy and peaceful Easter.

Parliament's Presidency conveys condolences on passing of former MP Sheikh Ala Ibrahim Sheikh Ala

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Sheikh Ala Ibrahim Sheikh Ala, a Peshmerga veteran, former MP who served in Kurdistan Parliament's second term, and a prominent figure  of Erbil society.

Secretary Muna Kahveci welcomes German Government's Commissioner for Freedom of Religion or Belief, Mr. Frank Schwabe

Kurdistan Parliament Secretary Muna Kahveci and several MPs on 5 April 2023 welcomed Mr. Frank Schwabe, MP and the Federal German Government’s Commissioner for Freedom of Religion or Belief, and his delegation.

Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq's statement on the Erbil-Baghdad oil agreement

The people of Kurdistan have been through hard years of exhausting crises because of the disputes over the oil issue, and our nation now expects all of us to establish a new era of certainty and peace, and of fairness towards all sections of society and all towns and cities.

Parliament's Health Committee discuss legislative proposals with KRG Health Minister and syndicates

Kurdistan Parliament’s Health Committee on 3 April 2023 met with the KRG Minister of Health Dr. Saman Barzinji and the heads of syndicates to discuss several legislative proposals.

Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq bids farewell to India's outgoing Consul General Mr. Subhash C. Kain

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq on 3 April 2023 bid farewell to India’s departing Consul General, Mr. Subhash C. Kain, and thanked him for helping to strengthen bilateral ties during his posting here.

Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq meets with official law dictionary compilers

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq on 3 April 2023 welcomed a committee that is compiling an official law dictionary for the Kurdistan Region.