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Speaker Rewas Faiq's remarks at Koya University conference on drafting Kurdistan Constitution

Speaker Rewas Faiq on 27 November said that the best way to draft the Kurdistan Constitution is to find common ground and build consensus, at a Koya University conference on drafting the constitution.

Committees’ recent meetings – 27 November 2019

A summary of recent meetings of the Relations and Kurdish Diaspora Committee, Integrity Committee, Health Committee, and Endowments and Religious Affairs Committee. 

Deputy Speaker Hawrami attends Berlin Foreign Policy Forum

At the invitation of Germany’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami on 25 and 26 November attended the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum.

Speaker Rewas Faiq: Eliminating violence against women is our political, legal and moral duty

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr Rewas Faiq on 25 November spoke at the launch of a 16-day campaign on combating violence against women, organised by the Kurdistan High Council of Women’s Affairs in Erbil.

Three committees prepare joint report on Commercial Advertising Bill

26 November – Three committees held a meeting to prepare their joint report on the Commercial Advertising Bill (draft law), which will be scheduled for debate and discussion at a Parliament sitting in the near future.

Reconstruction and Investment Committee discuss work priorities

25 November - Parliament's Reconstruction and Investment Committee held their first regular meeting since being established as a standalone committee earlier this month. The members discussed their priorities of looking into road, highway and other construction and into investment projects. 

Parliament announces three-day campaign of donations for Rojava refugees

Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami on 24 November at a press conference announced the launch of a campaign to raise donations for Kurdish refugees who fled due to military operations in Rojava, NE Syria. The donation drive is one of Parliament’s 12 recommendations on Rojava.

Committees’ recent meetings - 25 November 2019

The culture and municipalities committees continue to work on the Bill on Commercial Advertising in the Kurdistan Region. 

MPs and Canada’s Institute on Governance discuss problems with Iraq Federal Financial Management Law

Kurdistan Parliament MPs and Canada’s Institute on Governance held a workshop to discuss the violations of Kurdistan’s rights in Iraq’s Federal Financial Management Law.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami conveys condolences on passing of Sheikh Osman Sirey

On the sad news of the passing of Sheikh Osman Sirey, the spiritual leader and well-known figure, Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami conveyed his condolences to Sheikh Osman's family and followers.