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Committee on Protection of Women's Rights conveys message of its priorities on International Womens Day 2020

March 8th is the day of women's struggle and sacrifices to achieve equality and justice between men and women. On this day, we declare that defending the legitimate rights of women and incorporating them into law is one of our main tasks. We in the Kurdistan Parliament believe in humanist principles and oppose any kind of violence against women.

Speaker Dr. Rewas Faiq's message on International Women's Day 2020

"Throughout the history of the Kurdish people's struggle, women have participated in political and civil struggle. However, history has not been fair in recording the role of women in any era. I hope that not only on March 8th but every day, women and freedom-loving peoples strive to achieve women's goals of equality before the law, social justice, the elimination of domestic violence, and job opportunities."

Deputy Speaker Hawrami speaks at German Parliament conference on the Kurdish Question in the Middle East

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami on 6 March at the German Parliament spoke at a conference on ‘Opportunities and prospects for solving the Kurdish Question in the Middle East.’

Parliament delegation led by Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami visit KRG Representation in Berlin

On 5 March Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami and several MPs visited the Kurdistan Regional Government Representation in Berlin and met with the Representative, Mr. Dilshad Barzani.

Speaker Rewas Faiq’s message on the 29th anniversary of the 1991 Kurdish Uprising

Dr. Rewas Faiq conveyed in her congratulatory message: “This great occasion has a special place in our nation’s contemporary history, and was a turning point in our nation's struggle for liberation.”

Committees' recent meetings - 5 March 2020

Kurdistan Parliament's Health Committee looked at Erbil Airport's measures against Coronavirus. The Culture Committee is working on an Electronic Media Bill. Other committees planned their work and meetings for the new spring legislative session. 

MPs pass the Law on Combating Smuggling of Oil and Oil Products in Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan Parliament MPs on 4 March voted to pass the Law on Combating Smuggling of Oil and Oil Products in Kurdistan Region. Eighty eight MPs voted in favour of the law.

Committees' recent meetings - 4 March 2020

The Women's Rights Committee and the High Council of Women's Affairs agreed on close coordination; the Committee on Kurdistani Areas outside the KRG Area discussed requests from the Kurdish political parties' branches in Kirkuk; the Peshmerga Committee planned their work for the new spring session. 

Parliament delegation visits Bardarash camp for Syrian Kurdish refugees

A delegation of Kurdistan Parliament MPs on 27 February visited Bardarash camp for Syrian Kurdish refugees. They met with camp officials to discuss the living conditions and the problems faced by the refugees. 

Committees' recent meetings - 3 March 2020

In recent meetings Kurdistan Parliament's committees and British Consulate officials discussed Arabization and the lack of security in Kirkuk; and met with the Tourism Board to discuss drafting a tourism bill and coronavirus measures.