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Committees' recent meetings - 30 March 2021

Committees are working on amending the Pharmacists Syndicate Law, designating a Kurdistan Journalism Day, and a water management and conservation bill. They discussed the impact of the latest Coronavirus situation on schools and higher education.  

Order of Business for sitting of 31 March 2021: Readings of three bills, vote on Bill on Protection of Domestic Products

The Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament Dr. Rewaz Faiq calls MPs to a sitting on Wednesday 31st March 2021 at 11am – the fifth ordinary sitting of the spring session of the third year of the fifth term of Parliament. The Presidency of Parliament announces the order of business of the sitting as follows:

Parliament holds photography exhibition on late Dr. Rozh Nuri Shawes's life and career

The Kurdistan Parliament on 29 March held an exhibition of photographs of the late Dr. Rozh Nuri Shawes, the former speaker of Parliament who passed away in February.

On 33rd anniversary of chemical bombardment Parliament and Government discuss how to improve Halabja's infrastructure and services

Kurdistan Parliament on 16 March, the 33rd remembrance of the Halabja chemical bombardment, held a sitting on how to improve services for the people of Halabja governorate.

Speaker Rewaz Faiq expresses condolences to Mahmoud Sangawi on passing of his wife Saada Hama Salih

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq sent the following message of condolence to PUK political bureau member Mahmoud Sangawi, on the passing of his wife Saada Hama Salih. 

Committees' recent meetings - 17 March 2021

The Energy Committee heard about harm to health and the environment from burning gasoil for electricity generation. Two books on the Kurdistani areas outside the KRG administrative area were launched. 

Speaker Rewaz Faiq and Culture Committee convey condolences on passing of historian Dr. Kamal Maz’har

The passing of Dr Kamal Maz’har is a great loss to the culture and academia of Kurdistan. His death leaves a void in the writing of our history that cannot be easily filled.

Parliament's Presidency’s statement on 33rd anniversary of Halabja chemical bombing

The Iraqi Government should work on the decision of the Supreme Criminal Court and Article 132 of the Iraqi Constitution to compensate the martyrs and survivors of Halabja. The Iraqi Council of Representatives has a duty to pass a law recognizing the genocide of the people of Kurdistan as well as the rights of the survivors and the martyrs’ families to reparations.

Committees' recent meetings - 15 March 2021

The Relations Committee thanked China's Consulate General for the nation's donation of 5,000 Coronavirus vaccines; the Energy Committee will issue a report on the poor quality of fuel sold in Kurdistan Region; the Peshmerga Committee is looking into the service and retirement legal provisions for Peshmerga who were on active service. 

Committees' recent meetings - 14 March 2021

A summary of Kurdistan Parliament committees' recent meetings and activities: