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KRG negotiating team to explain to Parliament outcome of latest talks with Iraqi Federal Government

On Monday 28 December, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s team for negotiations with the Iraqi Federal Government will explain the outcome of their latest talks with Baghdad to the Kurdistan Parliament. Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani and the other KRG officials will meet with Parliament’s Presidency, heads of the parliamentary parties and three parliament committees at 11am.

Parliament Presidency's statement on Kurdistan Flag Day

On the day that we celebrate our beloved flag of Kurdistan, we congratulate all the people of Kurdistan and the followers of the way of our flag. Our flag is a symbol of sacrifice and everlasting prosperity. To keep our flag flying high we must not be discouraged by any sacrifice.

Parliament delegation and Minister Aydin Maruf visit Akre to look into coexistence between communities

On 8 December a parliament delegation together with the KRG Minister of the Region for Minority Affairs Aydin Maruf, visited Akre to look into coexistence between all the ethnic and religious communities there, and met with the Mayor Mazen Muhammad Saeed.

KRG’s negotiating team with Baghdad gives report to Kurdistan Parliament

The Kurdistan Parliament on 3 December received a report by the KRG’s negotiating team with Baghdad on the results of the negotiations with the Iraqi federal government. The report will be directed to the relevant Parliament committees and MPs and also will be presented to the public. 

MPs visit villages in Akre that were attacked by outsiders

Kurdistan Parliament MPs on 3 December visited the villages of Kashkawa and Gresor in Akre district to look into attacks on the villages by people from outside the area.

Endowments & Religious Affairs Committee congratulates new Yazidi spiritual leader Baba Sheikh Ali Elias

We hope that Baba Sheikh will succeed in his new religious duties, that he can strengthen spiritual life and the principle of forgiveness in Kurdistan Region...We give the new Baba Sheikh our support in his mission to strengthen the spirit of coexistence, to help the Yazidis overcome the enormous hardships that they have endured, and help them to return to their homeland.

Parliament Presidency’s condolences to head of KDP Parliamentary Block Omed Khoshnaw

Kurdistan Parliament’s Presidency on 3 November conveyed their condolences to Omed Khoshnaw, the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s (KDP) parliamentary block, on the passing of his mother, in the following message:

Parliament condemns burning of Kurdistan flag and KDP branch office in Baghdad

Today, October 17, 2020, an illegal force attacked the headquarters of the 5th branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) - the largest party in the Kurdistan Parliament - and burned Kurdistan’s sacred flag.

Parliament commemorates third anniversary of Mam Jalal Talabani’s passing

The Kurdistan Parliament on 4 October held a remembrance ceremony on the third anniversary of the passing of Mam Jalal Talabani, who was the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and president of Iraq.

Parliament’s Endowments & Religious Affairs Committee congratulates Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union on 50th anniversary

Kurdistan Parliament’s Endowment and Religious Affairs Committee on 20 September sent the following congratulatory message to the Executive Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union on their Golden Jubilee: