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Deputy Speaker Hawrami conveys best wishes to Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union on 50th anniversary

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami on 20 September sent this congratulatory message to the Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union on their golden jubilee:

Parliament receives applications for position of Head of Independent Human Rights Commission

The Kurdistan Parliament announces that 31 people have applied for the position of Head of the Kurdistan Independent Human Rights Commission. The closing date for applications was Tuesday 15 September at 2pm.

Parliament publishes status update on legislative proposals made in 2019

The Kurdistan Parliament publishes a status update on the legislative proposals and draft resolutions that were proposed in 2019, which was the first year of Kurdistan Parliament’s current fifth term.

Kurdistan Parliament invites applications for Head of Independent Human Rights Commission

The Kurdistan Parliament invites applications from the public for the position of Head of the Kurdistan Region Independent Human Rights Commission, and asks applicants to submit their CV to the Directorate of Parliament Affairs. Details of how to apply and the application criteria are as follows...

Kurdistan Parliament unveils portrait of Mother Aisha

A portrait of the late Mother Aisha, who passed away in July, was unveiled in the Kurdistan Parliament building on 2 September by Speaker Rewas Faiq. Mother Aisha became a national symbol of Kurds’ sacrifices after losing her three Peshmerga sons killed on the same day in the war against ISIS in 2014.

Parliament publishes quantitative assessment of committees’ performance over past seven months

The Kurdistan Parliament on 29 July published its quantitative assessment of all the Parliament committees’ performance so far this year. The quantitative assessment uses clear, measurable criteria. The two best performing were the Social Affairs and Protection of Human Rights Committee, and the Martyrs’ Affairs, Genocide and Political Prisoners Committee.

Announcement by Parliament's Presidency on Coronavirus cases among Parliament staff

Parliament’s Presidency on 10 June decided to close Parliament for two weeks, after some Parliament employees tested positive for the Coronavirus. More...

Communication regarding MPs who wish to forego retirement pension

The Chief of the Diwan of the Kurdistan Parliament (the head of Parliament’s administration), has asked current and former MPs who wish to forego their right to a retirement pension to make the necessary administrative arrangements. The request comes after some MPs said that they wish to forego their pensions.

Christian and Turkmen parties' MPs meet with Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani

Kurdistan Parliament MPs and government ministers from Christian and Turkmen parties on 17 May met with the President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani. Everyone at the meeting stressed that ethnic and religious component's important role and place in Kurdistan's politics and administration must be protected.

MPs look into events that led to death of newborn baby from Balisan

Several Members of the Kurdistan Parliament on 12 April met with Governor of Erbil Firsat Sofi and staff of Erbil Maternity Hospital to look into the tragic death of a newborn child from Balisan subdistrict.