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Kurdistan Parliament MPs pay last respects to Yazidi former MP Sheikh Shamo Shekho Namo

Several Kurdistan Parliament MPs, led by Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami, on 20 January 2022 at Erbil International Airport paid their last respects to Sheikh Shamo Shekho Namo, who was a leading figure in the Yazidi community, the head of the Lalish Cultural Centre and a former MP.

Statistics on Kurdistan Parliament’s work in 2021, the third year of the current fifth term

The Presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament announces the following data on Kurdistan Parliament’s work in the year 2021, including the number of sittings, laws and resolutions passed, recommendations, written questions, and attendance of KRG ministers at sittings and committee meetings.

Parliament holds seminar by Professor Vasileios Syros on 'Athenian democracy and today's challenges'

Today Parliament’s advisers on 13 January 2022 attended a seminar on ‘Athenian Democracy and Today’s Challenges’, chaired by Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami and with the participation of Greece’s Consul General in Kurdistan Region Dr. Stavros Kyrimis. The seminar was given by Professor Vasileios Syros, professor of history and comparative political theory.

Order of Business for sitting of 7 December 2021

The Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament Dr. Rewaz Faiq calls MPs to a sitting on Tuesday 7th December 2021 at 12 noon, the 10th ordinary sitting of the autumn session of the third year of the fifth term of Parliament. The Presidency of Parliament announces the order of business of the sitting as follows:

Kurdistan Parliament opens sitting with a minute's silence in remembrance of 10-year commemoration of Madame Danielle Mitterrand's death

The Kurdistan Parliament on 23 November 2021 opened its sitting with a minute's silence in honour of the memory of Madame Danielle Mitterrand, on the 10-year commemoration of her passing.

Parliament's Presidency and parliamentary parties discuss next Kurdistan Parliament election and drafting Constitution

Kurdistan Parliament’s Presidency on 3 November 2021 chaired a meeting with the heads of all the parliamentary parties. They discussed the Kurdistan Parliament election law and drafting of the Kurdistan Constitution.

Legislative Committee in Paris meet with Senator Rémi Féraud, Deputy Chair of Senate’s Group on Kurds and Christians in the East

Kurdistan Parliament’s Legislative Committee on 14 September in the French Senate met with Senator Rémi Féraud, deputy chair of the Senate’s Group on Christians in the East and Kurds. They discussed the situation for minorities in the Middle East, inter-parliamentary relations qne , the Peshmerga’s war against ISIS and the close friendship between Kurdistan Region and France.

Speaker Rewaz Faiq and MPs attend launch of book on role of Parliament in national issues

Speaker Faiq commended the author Mr. Salar Mahmoud for his work. She said, "Recording and writing about parliamentary work and efforts is important, becoming a source that benefits libraries and archives of parliamentary history.”

Parliament's administrative management meets with administration of Iraqi Council of Representatives in Baghdad

The Chief of the Diwan of Kurdistan Parliament, Mr. Ardalan Muhammad Sarspri, on 25 August headed a visit by Parliament’s administration to the Iraqi Council of Representatives in Baghdad, to share knowledge and experience. They met with Dr. Serwan Sereni, MP and Secretary General of Iraq’s Council of Representatives (ICOR).

MPs attend 40th day memorial for five Peshmerga soldiers killed by PKK on Mount Matin in Amedi district

"The view of all of the blocs and committees in Kurdistan Parliament is that the PKK only creates pretexts for regional countries’ forces to occupy Kurdistan Region’s territory, establish military bases and undermine Kurdistan Region's sovereignty and constitutional status."